Do you need professional 100% confidential help and support from a fully qualified/accredited Masters degree (Hons) Integrative Psychotherapy (CIT/MTU), educated and experienced psychotherapist. I have over a decade of qualified/accredited experience as a psychotherapist. Fully accredited with IAHIP, ICP, ECP, EFPA and BPS (Psych. Testing) since 2009. 

I work with any of the following difficulties: Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Panic Attacks, Trauma, Personal Development ,OCD, PTSD, Anger Management, Relationship Difficulties, Bereavement, Chronic illness, Confidence/Motivation, Phobias, Self Esteem or other difficulties?

*To ensure you are receiving professional & qualified help from a psychotherapist or counsellor, simply check the online registers for qualified and accredited Psychotherapists at ( or or Counselors (

I work with individuals and small groups. I do not work with couples or under 18s.

Making Contact with a Therapist:

You can be referred by your G.P. or other health professionals, or you can self refer to me by telephoning 086 1069875 or email [email protected] People usually select their therapist by recommendation from their G.P., former clients, professional therapy and counselling organisations or word of mouth. Length of treatment can vary from a few sessions to months or years depending on the clients difficulties and goals.

What is a fully accredited Psychotherapist?

A fully accredited psychotherapist is a fully qualified, experienced and trained psychotherapist, who has been scrutinized and accepted as fit to professionally practice by their professional body. The most recent CORU regulations at this time, indicate a Masters Degree (Level 9 NFQ/QQI) will be the minimum education level for a Psychotherapist, & an undergraduate degree for a counsellor once the register is established.  The main professional psychotherapy accreditation body in Ireland is IAHIP (Undergraduate & postgraduate  training plus a Min. 600 supervised individual client hours). IAHIP have a database of accredited psychotherapists on their website. They have minimum standards of training, qualifications and supervised clinical practice. 

 I was also awarded the European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP), by the board of the European Association of Psychotherapy based in Vienna, which requires a minimum of 7 years recognised/approved Study/training and a minimum of 3,200 hours, as well as supervision, clinical practice, personal therapy and professional recommendation.

Psychotherapist's generally undergo longer and more advanced professional training, clinical practice, often at least 7 years before becoming fully accredited. Counsellor training and accreditation is generally shorter in duration and less advanced.

Types of theoretical Approaches:

CBT, Gestalt, Humanistic integrative approach, Trauma informed approach, Neuroscience based approach, PTSD, anxiety disorders/OCD, panic attacks, depression, developmental trauma, mindfulness, polyvagal system, attachment theory